Guru Fuels
He visionary Mr. Abhay Parakh entered the field of operating Petrol Pump in the year 2000 with dedication to serve the nation literally with patriotic feeling in his bosom.
Guru Netcom Pvt. Ltd
In the fastest era, the availability of the most apt amenities in the sophisticated & advanced technological services of science is become a dream..
Guru Tyres
GURU TYRES is an outcome of the thought backed by the requirement of vehicle owners and perception of problems of the vehicle faced by the professional drivers..
Guru Veg.
Raipur is a city, where mixed culture and highly industrilisation is seen. A split location for industries is specified by the Government of Chhattisgarh. .
Ecofern Synergy
The novel philosophy of the personalities of greyed hair with life experience put together and their visual virtue of perception of current gaps..
GURU GROUP is taken life with a concept of mastery in the fields, where GURU GROUP enters the arena. GURU means Master, hence with such inspiration to master the things and serve where the services are required.
Reaching new horizons through better, optimum and quality services to the nation and across the globe, exalting India in the world.
Marching forward with SHE, such as Sincerity, Honesty and Efficiency exploring the new dimensions in art and technology in satisfying the
GURU GROUP believing people. LEADERSHIP :Mr. Abhay Parakh, a Electrical Engineer, and his family associates steer the GURU GROUP towards the better future with their good experience.