Emergence of the Company :

The novel philosophy of the personalities of greyed hair with life experience put together and their visual virtue of perception of current gaps of human requirement and to stuff the same in a new dimension of forthcoming horizon.   The Company came into existence in the year 2008.

Vision :

Ecofren Synergy Pvt. Ltd. has a foresight to focus on gaps, which would arise due to advancement of Science and Technology, keeping in view of the requirement, and find them filled with the sophisticated and ever latest technical know how in almost all spheres of human life, in particular, much emphasis on the conservation of environment.

Promoters :
Ecofren Synergy Pvt. Ltd. consists of the following promoters :
  • Mr. Abhay Parakh
  • Mr. S. K.Verma
  • Mission :

    Ecofren Synergy Pvt. Ltd. indulges in the sphere of Consultancy for and operations in the following areas uncovering the hidden facets and to excel in quality and other respects, Operations of the same and ultimately in exalting the nation with pride.

  • Non Conventional Energy Resource.
  • Water Resource Management.
  • Environmental Engineering.
  • Waste Management.
  • Manufacturing of different products.
  • Team of Man Power Resources :

    Ecofren Synergy Pvt. Ltd. has got ample team of Man Power resources to the extent of satisfaction level of an advanced corporate.   The Man Power resources are of having well knowledge and experience, in other words a combination of perfect experience and knowledge to achieve the targeted goals.

    Proposed activities :

    Ecofren Synergy Pvt. Ltd. Has emerged to undertake the following activities in the interest of nation peeping into new dimensional methods.

    a. Consultancy Services :
    Consultancy Services for Electricity Generation, Transmission and Distribution, Legal Consultancy of Power and Electricity, Electricity Act 2003 and Rules and Regulations there under, Power Trading, Legal Advisory, Energy Exchange, Carbon Credit Consultancy and Trading, Energy Audit, Liaisioning Works.

    b. Non conventional Energy and Water Resource Management :

    Biomass Energy, Wind Energy, Solar Energy, Hydal Energy, Tidal and Geo-Thermal Energy Sources.  Rain Water Harvesting, Water Storage System, Water Purification System, Recycling of Water.

    c.  Environment Engineering and Waste Management  :

    Plantation and Forestry, Horticulture, Ash and Waste Bund / Dyke Design, Pollution Control Devices and Technologies.

    d. Manufacturing activities :

    Integrated Rice Mill, Cold Storage, Grain Storage, Power Plant, Silica / Silicon from Rice Husk Ash, Food Processing Unit, Dairy Unit etc.

    Financial Strength  :

    Ecofren Synergy Pvt. Ltd. has initiated with step by step process of activities, for which
    Ecofren Synergy Pvt. Ltd. has already procured sufficient funds in its budgetary treasury and also backed by the sanctioning assurances of financing from the financial institutions.

    Knowledge Bank :

    Ecofren Synergy Pvt. Ltd. has in its lap the Knowledge Bank either in the form of expert brains of abundance of experience and Library of Records etc.


    Ecofren Synergy Pvt. Ltd. is such Company which glances for the activities of nature in saving the cost, sophisticated and environmental friendly in the interest of Mankind and Nation.

    1st Floor, Mishra Tower,  
    Lalitha Chowk, Tatyapara,  
    RAIPUR. (C.G.)  
    Mob. : +91 8518882220