Guru Fuels
The visionary Mr. Abhay Parakh entered the field of operating Petrol Pump in the year 2000 with dedication to serve the nation literally with patriotic feeling in his bosom. The foresightedness of Mr. Abhay Parakh has led him towards a decade in service oriented petrol pumps in Raipur City and adjoining areas. GURU FUELS is a HPCL (Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited) Authorised Dealership based sales Retail Outlet (Petrol Pump) for sale of petroleum products like HSD (High Speed Diesel), Petrol and Lubes at Vill. Charoda, The. Dharsiwa, Near Siltara Industrial Growth Centre, Dist. Raipur on Raipur - Bilaspur Road at NH 200 / 30. The endeavour of abstemious operations of. HPCL Retail Outlet (Petrol Pump) are being strictly undertaken by GURU FUELS in accordance with the Standard Operating Practice of HPCL and ISO 9001 : 2008 in order to ensure no customer complaint.
Dispensation of Fuels like MS (Petrol) and HSD (High Speed Diesel) to the precious clients with amenities. Lubes (Lubricating Oils) are also available and maintained at the Petrol Pump in stock as per the customer needs. GURU FUELS is under serious thought to provide the allied services like Truck / Car care unit with availability of Tyres.
FACILITIES :GURU FUELS provides the following facilities at its retail outlet
Round the clock services are always available.
Customer Care taking sufficient staff.
  • Sufficient space is available for movement of heavy vehicles too.
  • 5 number of dispensing machines with 14 no. of nozzles for dispensation of MS / HSD Oils.
  • Digital Ail Filling Station.
Well maintained Lavatory facility in hygienic condition
  • Purified and Chilled Drinking Water facility.
  • Drive Tack Card system avoiding the Cash management..
  • Payment through Debit / Credit cards.
  • Neat and Cleanliness, Hygienic condition is in regular maintenance.
PRODUCT RANGE :GURU FUELS deals in serving the following items of HPCL (Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited)
MS (Motor Spirit) i.e. in other words Normal Petrol
  • Power Petrol (Superior Quality Petrol)
  • HSD (High Speed Diesel) i.e. in other words Diesel.
  • TurboJet (Superior Quality Diesel)
  • Different Grades of Lubes i.e. Lubricants / Lubricating Oils.
Contact US :- GURU FUELS, HP Petrol Pump,  
Adjacent to Geekay Township,  
Siltara Industrial Growth Centre,  
On NH 200/30, Raipur - Bilaspur Road,  
Raipur. (C.G.)  
Mob. : +91 8518882225 / 9755590704