Creative Director & US Operations

A former FLAS (Fellowship in Language and Area Studies) recipient in the Tamil language, Mukesh fell in love with movies when he was in Africa with the US Peace Corps where he taught math for 2 years.

He completed the Universal Pictures Leadership Program, a prestigious program within NBC Universal that only accepts 1 in approximately 3000 candidates per year. He received the AWC fellowship from Visual Communications and was nominated for the NBCU Directors Program. His film, THE MOST BEAUTIFUL BUTTERFLY screened at Outfest. His latest film, GANJA MAMA starring Sujata Day (INSECURE) screened at The Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival.

He completed a double MA in Film and International Relations at Syracuse University – the first to do so in the history of the school. It is now an established MA degree. The double MA was paid for by the FLAS.

He has worked for ABC Television, The History Channel, A&E Television and Fullscreen. He currently heads up North American Creative Development for Guru Media, an India Production company that is expanding into English language content for a global audience.

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