Creative Producer

From Television Production to Film and Corporate Brand Strategy for Original Content on OTT, Shankar has been riding this amazing wave of creative storytelling for the past 15 years, having helmed various roles as a creative multimedia professional through his career.

With the privilege of working with some of the most amazing people in actors, directors, producers and platforms across genres in the regional and national markets, he comes with expertise in Screenwriting, Brand Strategy and Integrated Marketing Communication.

Shankar truly believes that people are amazing and loves to explore new avenues, build relationships and alliances and etch out strategies, while having loads of fun on the job. Studiously passionate about movies, video gaming, football, history and open exploration, start talking about cinema, and he can go on for hours, like a quote vending machine.

Having travelled across the globe and the motherland by road, it is also his intention to bring all those unheard- of yet amazing tales, anecdotes, characters, conflicts, circumstances and layers of life, in signature Guru style, i.e. Celebrating our rich cultures, traditions, people and their dreams, hopes and aspirations, in a wholesome, fun, entertaining and out of the box way, setting trends and reinventing the process along the way.

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